Domain Registration Goa

Looking for Domain Registration Services in Goa ? We are a Panaji based Software company in Goa and can provide you domain registration, website hosting and other related internet related services. Domains are top level names available for any given website. For this website the domain name is and text, images, etc are stored on a computer which runs 24 hours a days 365 days a year. Domain Registration is blocking a domain name for you or your company and can be done by any indivual. In case you wish to start a website for indian people, you can also register for a .in or domain apart from a .com domain.

Domain Forwarding, Sub Domains , etc are few other domain related services available for domains registered. The Domain Registration fees is on an yearly basis and is a nominal fee. In order to register a domain name, you need to pay a nominal fee (less than Rs 1000 per year), tell the domain registrar about your contact details and that’s it. Yes domain names can be purchased on a first come first serve basis, however in case a domain owner wants to sell his / her domain(s) we can negotiate a price for that domain and get it for you. Domains can be back ordered as well which allows anybody to secure a domain which gets expired and is not renewed by the domain owner. There are lots of websites online which offer totally free domains or in other words they do not charge you the domain registration fee, but effectively most of them are actually sub domains of a main domain and there is nothing or little you can do if the owner of the website decides to close down the website or stop offering free domains. You can even get your contact information hidden from public on internet using privacy registration. There is lots of stuff related to Domain Registration and a non technical person might find it difficult to handle all the domain related technical stuff. We can help you to register an available Domain Name from our office in Goa. Give us a call or tell what you are looking for and we can suggest the appropriate steps required for your domain registration.

A Website is broadly composed of two basic things, i.e. Domain Registration , Website Hosting. Yes there is lots more to a website apart from Domain and Hosting and we can provide you the required technical information and assist you in getting your website up and running in no time. We can provide you required email addresses associated with domain name and make them easy for you / website users to manage. Websites can be created using template based designs (which are cheaper and cost effective) or you can get a custom website design implemented for you. Whether you are looking for a Flash website, Static Website or even a Dynamic website, there are lots of templates or prebuilt mechanisms to use a template and customize it according to your needs. In case you are based in Goa in locations nearby to Panaji such as Porvorim, Mapusa, Old Goa, Madgaon, Calangute, Anjuna or any other nearby location to Panaji, you can easily visit our office and get your website up and running in no time.