Mobile Application Development Services from Goa

We provide Application Development Services for Mobile Devices from Panaji of Goa. In India Android has taken people by storm where only few months back, Nokia was the major Mobile provider, now Samsung and other Android powered Mobiles and Tablets are everywhere. Yes we develop Custom Made Mobile Applications for Android Devices like Mobiles, Tablets or Android Powered Smart TV or even Android powered USB Devices.

Apart from Developing Applications for Android Devices, we also develop Custom Applications for Windows 8 phones & iOS Devices. The best part of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 Apps is that the same Mobile Application which works on Windows 8 Phones / Tablets also works on Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 Desktop Computers. Yes we do make sure that your Windows Mobile Application is listed on Windows 8 store and also on Windows 8.1 store.

Custom Made Software from Goa based Software Company

Custom Made Software from Goa based Software Company

All you need to get a Custom Mobile Application developed for your business is tell us what the new Custom Made Mobile Application must do and we take care of the technologies involved. Apart from developing Mobile Applications for Android, Windows 8 Phones and iOS, we also provide Application Distribution Services. Android Applications are typically distributed on Google Play Store, Applications for Windows 8 Phones (run on Windows RT) are distributed on Windows 8 Store and Applications for iOS are distributed on Apple Store.

Yes we do take care of all the Software Technologies like programming language involved which can be any of the .NET languages like C# . NET or VB. NET along with XML for Windows 8 Mobile Applications, similarly for Android Applications, the programming language typically includes Java, XML file, applicable graphics and other suff, finally for iOS XCode is the primary method used for developing Mobile Applications for iPad / iPhone Devices.

Complete Website Design Solutions from Panaji - Goa

Complete Website Design Solutions from Panaji – Goa

Yes Mobile Application do have their own page and respective store from where users can download Mobile Applications, however having a custom made website can allows user to review the application and other details. Custom Mobile Applications do have their own overheads as every Store charges a recurring fee for reviewing and listing the mobile application. In case you would like to review our portfolio Mobile Applications developed, you can visit where you can find and download lots of Applications developed.

In case you do have existing mobile application already developed and you wish to add more features to them, you can also contact us to get new features implemented in your existing mobile applications. We Design and Develop Custom Mobile Applications from our Panaji office in Goa of India and our working days are Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM Indian Standard Time. For Custom Mobile Application Development Service we charge a pre-agreed fixed fees in either Indian Rupees or USD (for Customers from Outside India). Contact Us today to get Free Quote by providing us the relevant details and get your Custom Mobile Application Developed to your satisfaction.