Free Website Promotion

Website promotion on search engines is free and there are no charges to be paid to any of the search engines. Yes you do not need to pay to google, yahoo, bing or any other search engine to get top ranking in search results. Search Engines earn money by the advertisements displayed on search results and yes there is a fee for that. Google runs Google Adword campaign to allow advertisers to pay and get their advertisements displayed on the search engine results. Organic Search on google results on the other hand are white colored results which are displayed by google are totally free and there is no payment required to be done to google for that.

Even though the website promotion on google organic search results are free, they require lots of efforts for which search engine optimisation companies charge fee for that. When you are making a payment to a search engine optimisation company in Goa, India or any other country, you are paying for the efforts spent and no part of the payment is going to the search engine, unless you have specifically asked the SEO company to advertise your website on search engine results in google, bing, or any other search engine.

In case you yourself want to spend the efforts in promoting your website on internet, there are many tools and help available for you. Internet provides lots of SEO related information including basic search engine optimisation techniques, provide you ways to promote your website locally, advertise your website on other websites, help you to understand the techniques behind SEO, understanding google webmaster tools and lot of other things. In case you would like a Software Company in Goa to do your website’s promotion , contact us to get free evaluation of your website from a technical perspective, find out information about your competitors and effectively drive more visitors to your website.