Hire Dot Net (VB.NET C#.NET) Programmers

Hire Programmers to work for software projects in dot net programming languages such as VB.NET and C#.NET. We provide you with dedicated software developers to work on your existing or new .net software projects. In case you do have a small existing project in which you need some changes to be done and do not want to hire a dedicated .net programmer, there is no need to look for a freelancer instead we can provide you a fixed quote for the changes to be done in your .net software application.

Desktop Applications coded in VB.NET, C# dot net with or without 3rd party software applications, our dot net programmers are capable of handling almost everything. Before hiring dot net programmer from our Indian based company in Goa, you or your managers can interview the programmer with technical or non technical questions or even give him / her a short assignment to be completed offshore and return the results to you.

Our rates for providing you .NET programmer(s) are really competitive. In India the programmers get paid monthly and depending on project to project work 5 or 6 days a week. Getting dedicated dot net programmers can speed up your project development or maintenance work. In case you want only small changes to be done to your existing software application, there is no need to hire a dedicated programmer and instead you can opt from getting a part time software developer, get a fixed quote from us for doing the changes or suggest how you want the billing to be done for the project changes. We also offer VC++ Programmer(s) on contract basis, so the .NET programmers can take help of VC++ programmers for complex system related projects as VC++ guys always understand Windows Operating System better than everyone.