Software Developers in India

We are Software Developers in India providing custom software development services to paying customers. With tough competition and growing users of software applications, custom software applications are created and every new application provides something new or provide some existing functionality with better usability and user interface. When you are looking to get a custom software application developed for Windows, Macintosh, Linux or any other Operating System, we suggest that you do your homework. Getting Custom Software Application developed does indeed has benefits, but in case there is already an existing software product / service that fulfills you needs, then having a look at existing applications or software alternatives can save you time, money and efforts. Yes we do want to provide you software development services and our software developers in India are available, to deliver you software development and other services.

Yes we do product development and building a new product is not just about coding. Writing code is the easiest part of software based product development. Concept and appropriate planning is what takes time and efforts. When you are hiring software developers from India or any other country to implement your product, you do need to understand that we are just professionals and we charge you for time and efforts spent working on your product. When you are willing to spend money, make sure that you are confident of the new concept and you must have confidence in your idea or concept. Yes we can provide you all the software development related services including coding, testing, deployment, content writing, creating graphics, writing text tutorials, creating video tutorials and whatever else it takes to successfully create and market a product.

You can find lots of Indian Software Developers willing to work on your project and everybody claim to provide the best and cheapest service. There are basically two models in which software companies like ours provide software development services. The first one is fixed price in which you tell us what all you want to be implemented and we quote a price and negotiate payment terms. The second method to get your concept or idea implemented is that you interview software developer, see previous work and when you are happy to work with the selected software developer, you pay an agreed monthly fee per software developer, graphics designer, etc and the software project gets implemented in due course of time. Indian Software Developers are inexpensive as they have lots of learning resources here in India apart from online learning. Software Books are cheaper in India, there are lots of training institutes providing programming courses and software development is one of the most lucrative career in India.

Whether you are looking to get your custom software application developed for a single platform / operating system or you are planning to get custom software supposed to work across multiple operating systems, you do need to decide that well in advance. We develop custom software applications using various technologies and depending on your requirements, we can advice you of the best programming language / platform to choose from. Nokia QT can be used to develop custom applications supposed to work on multiple operating systems and propriety development environment can be used to develop applications for a fixed operating system. XCode is used to develop Custom Macintosh Applications whereas VB.NET , C#, C++ with MFC can be used to develop applications for Windows Platform. For Linux we can develop custom software applications using Nokia QT.

In case you have already made up your mind to get a custom software solution implemented, worked out the benefits of custom software development, or even if you are unsure of whether to get a custom software developed or use any existing software solution, do contact us, tell us your your requirements and we will revert back to you with the best available software solution along other details. Many people prefer to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before disclosing software requirements, whereas many people simply get onto the project details. Which ever option you select, you must understand that whether you are hiring software developers from India, USA or any other Country, it is the efforts and time spent that matters and depending on that we charge our customers. Our office is in Panaji of Goa (India) which is a well known across the world and our software developers are Goans and people from other neighboring Indian states and we all speak english, although there will be difference in english accent, but when we know what we are talking about, the accent does not matters.