Software Development or Website Design

We offer custom software development and website design both. Depending on your requirements either or both of the software automation solutions can serve your purpose. A Website typically requires internet connection, however if you do have an intranet based computer connection system, you can even host your website on your local server. A custom made software may or may not require internet connection depending on where and how you wish your users use the custom made software.

In case you want to store some data, take printouts, generate reports and do not wish that the user using the software should be connected to internet always, a custom software can be the best choice. A custom software can even be made so that it stores data on internet, so that a user from anywhere in the world can use the software with proper authentication. It all depends on how and where you wish your user(s) to use the custom made software solution. Now with .NET, you can even run softwares from websites or local network connection.

A Website typically requires an internet connection and normally people can connect to most of the parts of the website without any authentication. A Website can even have secure area in which only allowed and authenticated users (by let’s say user id and password) can access. Websites developed can even have another layer of security named as secure cards. A Secure card is a physical device which keeps on displaying random numbers for few seconds and a website can be designed so that apart from user id and password, the number from the secure card must be entered as well to gain access to secure areas of websites. As of this writing HSBC bank uses a secure card to provide access to online banking system.

We offer all of the above software solutions including custom software development and web design in / from Goa. You only need to tell us your requirements and we can offer you a custom made software solution using either software development, web design or a combination of both. Drop us a line at or give us a ring at 9096276767 to discuss about the software solution you are looking for or avail our doorstep service in Goa (India). We have in offer the latest and sophisticated software solutions at really competitive prices in Goa for Software Development and Web Designing solutions.