Software Development Process

For custom software development, we follow easy and understandable software development process. The process takes into consideration that the complete software development is easy to understand and is productive. For really big software development, there are standard processes designed such as agile software development model, spiral model and many more. Given below is the process which we follow in our custom software development process :-

  • Understanding of your software requirements taking into consideration existing processes followed or in other words this can be termed as requirements analysis.
  • Planing the software development and provide you an estimate delivery time and budget for the same.  Once you are happy with our software delivery dates and the budget, we proceed ahead to the next step.
  • Coding of the software with appropriate documentation with inline comments.
  • Software testing to make sure everything works as agreed and on agreed Windows operating system.
  • Optionally creating video tutorials so that you can provide the required training to use the software to your staff anytime. We can provide the software training as well apart from giving you the software demo. In case the custom software is a big software, we will provide you regular updates about the custom software development.
  • We will provide additional documentation if agreed in step 2 above. The additional documentation can be in the form of pdf or word documents or even in the format of a blog or website.
  • Deployment or installation of the custom software developed on your machines can be done as well.

Once you get your custom software developed and are happy with the software development, you can even sign up for the software maintenance services. We will provide you free software maintenance for an agreed period of time and after that, you can sign up for the software maintenance services. We provide doorstep software maintenance services in Goa and other parts of India. 

The above software development process is easy to understand and follow. In case you do feel that something is missing in the process outlined above or you would like to get some other additions to the software development process outlined above, please do contact us with your software development needs and we will offer you the software services as you desire.