Visual C++ Training

Get Visual C++ Basics and Advanced Training Course to create Desktop Applications. The VC++ Training Offered can equip you to create any type of desktop application with or without using MFC. The Training on VC++ will provide you information on how to use various controls provided by Microsoft and other 3rd party providers.

The Visual C++ Training will start from really basics of an application. The Introduction will include creating a Desktop Application without using MFC, exploring command line parameters and other Win 32 API calls. The VC++ Training will then introduce about various controls and dialog editor provided in Visual Studio. An introduction of threads in a VC++ application will be provides with an emphasis on why threads are required, need of synchronisation and other related api calls and examples.

After covering basics of an application, the VC++ training will then move on to using MFC for creating Dialog Based, Single and Multi Document Interface Applications. Various MFC classes, hierarchy of MFC claases, various keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio, exploring source code of MFC classes, using debugger and introduction on how to use and edit resources of an application will be provided. This section of VC++ training will also include various examples to fully understand MFC classes and adapt to 3rd party Active X controls or SDK’s provided. Creating COM Objects and using them in VC++ or any other COM supported language will provide the required information on sharing code in a binary way.

We can provide VC++ training according to your custom requirements in your city / company. Contact us today to get quote on the VC++ Training in Delhi, Goa, Banglore , Mumbai or any other city.