VC++ with MFC Corporate Trainer

We provide VC++ corporate trainer from India to any location in India and abroad. The VC++ trainer can provide training for VC++ with or without MFC classes using VC++ 6.0, Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2010. This corporate training can be designed according to specific needs of your business needs. This Corporate training of VC++ can be provided to anybody having knowledge of C++. Knowledge of other programming languages for Windows programming is equally good, however in case the candidate(s) have knowledge of C++, the VC++ training can go really smooth and the students can quickly grab the Visual Studio concepts, delve into Windows Programming model learning basic and advanced techniques.

The Corporate Trainer for VC++ with MFC does has good programming & teaching experience. The VC++ training provided by the corporate trainer can be at the premises of client or students can come to Goa based office in Panaji – India. Whether you are looking for a VC++ Corporate trainer in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Banglore, Chennai or in any other city of India, the corporate training can be provided. In order to hire a corporate trainer for MFC / VC++ programming, please do contact us and tell us what do you expect from the corporate trainer and tell us about specific requirements about this corporate training. In case you are looking forward to hire a corporate trainer for Onsite training, please do tell us related factors such as number of candidates / students, full day or part time, location, current expertise of students, etc and we will revert back to you with course details and start ahead with the onsite corporate training for VC++ with MFC or using only Win 32 API dlls.

Business Logic and Programming methods go hand in hand with this VC++ / MFC training. Depending on the current knowledge of the students / candidates, a typical VC++ Course can contain subjects like as given below. Yes depending on requirements of clients, we can modify the course and suggest appropriate books or provide printed / video tutorials for the corporate training. A well planned training can really enhance the knowledge of students / candidates and get them started to work on active projects as soon as possible.

  • Windows Model – How Windows Works and Interact with Applications.
  • Small Programs using Win 32 API and Messages enhancing understanding of students about how Windows interact with Applications , Dlls , Files, etc.
  • Explain difference between Debug and Release builds of applications or dlls created using Visual C++.
  • Debugging, Profiling , Understanding Project Settings, Unicode and Ansi Builds (using Pre-Processor definitions), Linking with other than default libraries, Debugging Applications / Dlls , etc.
  • Creating a Dialog Based MFC Application using MFC Wizard, doing customisations, adding menu, understanding resources, etc.
  • Using Controls provided by VC++ such as Buttons, Text Edit, New Dialogs, HotKey Control, Menu, Progress Bar, Slider and doing interaction with them.
  • Drawing with MFC classes (like CPen, CPaint, etc) and Win32 functions.
  • Creating Application using Document / View Architecture, creating SDI and MDI based application with single or multiple file types.
  • Creating Dlls and using them with any of the applications created in above steps.
  • Interaction of Applications with files and databases using Native API or using the ODBC architecture.
  • MFC Source Code browsing, understanding keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio, customizing the keyboard shortcuts, creating of custom toolbars, etc.
  • How to utilize the CObject Serialization support for Archiving Document Data.
  • Creating COM Objects using ATL Wizard and using them with another VC++ application.

Above mentioned VC++ course schedule is sort of generic. Our Corporate Trainer can provide your students / candidates basic and advanced programming techniques depending on the project requirements. The trainer will provide Sample VC++ Projects / Examples with power point presentation in ppt format or with a video tutorial as well. Contact us with your requirements or forward this link to the appropriate project manager with whom we can discuss technical stuff and provide the corporate training at our or your premises. In case you would like the training to include any other SDK apart from MFC classes and standard objects, please do mention it well in advance so that our corporate trainer can include examples and samples from MFC / any other SDK in the corporate training.