Visual C++ Trainer

Looking for a Visual C++ trainer to learn basic or advanced level Visual C++ programming ? Yes learning Visual C++ from a trainer can be quite rewarding from technical perspective and can save you time and efforts looking for online Visual C++ Video tutorials or text based free tutorials. Video tutorials are often one way communication and you need to just watch the video and keep on learning, there is no question and answer session or something like that. In contrast an offline Visual C++ (or called VC++ in short) is interactive and the training can proceed as per your understanding of the concepts learned during the training. Working knowledge of C++ is a basic requirement and before learning you must have good knowledge of C++.

There are free tools available from Microsoft to start coding in Visual C++ in Visual Studio C++ Express Edition Download. Microsoft offers Express editions free and they even give discounts to students wishing to upgrade to Visual Studio Professional. Visual Studio 6.0 was one of the earlier editions offered by Microsoft to create desktop based application, active-x objects, dll files, etc. Now a days Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is the latest stable version offered by Microsoft for aspiring companies and indivuals. Yes you can download and try out Visual Studio Editions for free from Microsoft. Visual Studio 11 beta is the latest edition of Visual Studio offering MFC based, ATL based application development. You can even create device drivers with Visual Studio 11 beta with Device Driver Development Kit.

In case you are new to Microsoft Visual C++, you do not need to be dazzled by various Visual Studio Editions. In case you are working for a company, you can ask the respective technical person or project manager as to which Visual Studio Edition you will be working on. Visual C++ application development starts with creating applications with Win32 Api, proceeds to creating applications with MFC and or ATL. Our Visual C++ Trainer can offer you a custom designed course depending on your current understanding and experience with Visual C++. In case you are a beginner and have not done any programming in Visual C++, a short term course on Visual C++ covering Win32 API, MFC, ATL and other few technologies can get you started for creating application programs with Visual C++.

Visual C++ offers lots of wizards which are supposed to speed up the code writing on Visual C++. Application Wizard help you to start a project and select what type of project you wish to create. A Project in Visual C++ consists of files (.cpp, .h, .manifest, etc) resources (.rc file grouping together icons, dialogs, cursors, menu, toolbar, manifest file, etc). Visual C++ allows easy creation of projects including Dialog Based project, SDI or MDI based Project, Dll Project, ATL (with or without MFC) project, etc. Visual C++ can be used to create almost everything a windows based application can run including Applications, Dll files, ScreenSavers, Control Panel Items, Icons, Cursors, etc. Our Visual C++ trainer does have the thorough understanding and experience in creating various VC++ based projects. Depending on your requirements an appropriate custom course structure can be designed to be taught at your office or at our premises. Visual C++ projects are often extended by various SDKs, such as Direct X SDK, Speech SDK, AutoCad SDK and lots of other software development kits and hence pre-planning of the course structure can get you the maximum benefits out of the VC++ training.

Our office is in Panaji of Goa – India and we do provide Visual C++ training in other cities of India such as Mumbai, Banglore, Chennai, Delhi and other cities at client’s office. This onsite training is termed as Visual C++ Corporate training in India. Our Visual C++ trainer can provide you the required VC++ training at our Goa based office or at your office premises. In order to join this Visual C++ training using either Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010 or even with Visual Studio 11, all you need to do is drop us an email telling a little about yourself and your programming knowledge. In case you have not done any programming in C++, you would need to learn C++ prior to joining this Visual C++ training. Our trainer can even provide a quick short course on C++ as well.