Windows 8 Application Development

Microsoft’s Windows 8 brings new possibilities for software developers and for users in the name of Metro Style Applications. In case you are looking to get your own custom made Metro Style Application developed, do contact us with your requirements and we will revert back to you with free and no obligation quote. Metro Style Applications will be everywhere, including smart devices, desktops, laptops and moreover Microsoft is offering software publishers to publish their Metro Applications on Windows Store. An application listed in Microsoft Windows Store can get you an incoming link from Windows Store website and moreover it can provide your services / products to potential customers.

We develop Metro Style Applications for Windows 8 using C# or Visual Basic as languages. We have worked on lots of Microsoft Technologies and our custom software development services have provided custom made software applications to lots of people across the globe. We also develop other desktop based applications for Windows 8 or for other versions of Microsoft. Microsoft has delayed Windows Store and surely Microsoft Developers have put in lots of efforts, time and money into developing a robust application infrastructure. Now you can also get a Metro Style Application developed for your business which you can provide on Windows Store for free or charge licence fees for it.

Microsoft has already provided Windows 8 Release Candidate for free for everybody who wants to try it. You can find lots of resources including screenshots, application reviews and other stuff related to Metro Style Applications for Windows. Metro Style Applications are scanned by Microsoft Employees before they get listed in Windows Store and hence such type of applications are going to gain trust of users facing virus and malware issues. Metro Style Applications work on a single Monitor on a Multi Monitor Windows Computer and hence if you want to utilize all the screens of the user, you would need a Desktop based application developed for the purpose. We provide comprehensive software development services and hence all you need to take care is your idea and the money to be spent on developing the Metro Style Application or Desktop Application for Windows 8 and we can take care of the software development lifecycle including development, testing, etc and offer your a comprehensive software development service at affordable prices.