Hotel Software Goa

We provide custom made software for hotel or restaurant management. Whether you wish to change your existing hotel software to a new one or whether you want to automate your day to day activities from current paper management to computer based system, we can provide you affordable software development services. We operate from our Panaji based office in Goa and we do have partnership with a Computer Hardware Management Company so as to provide you the complete software solution for your software or hardware needs.

In case you manage your hotel using registers, we can automate you current processes to be handled safely and securely using a computer. Managing reservations, cancellations, sale, purchase, managing inventory and other hotel activities can be really easy to manage using a custom made hotel software. Hotel Report can equally be useful to analyse the profits and project new activities in the hotel. The custom made software can have login / logout, inventory management, managing hotel reservations, manage petty cash, handling credit or debit cards using an online payment gateway, webcam connection to capture snapshot of the tourist in the hotel when they check-in or checkout and anything else you manage currently.

With our custom made software service, you can get any type of automation required including email alerts, sms alerts, handling credit card payments or reservations, guest feedback management, checking of daily / monthly or annual reports anytime using a computer connected to internet, printing out reports and anything else you would like to have in a Hotel Management Software. Our Software Development office is near 18th June Road in Panaji – Goa and our Computer Hardware partner is also in Panaji and together we can provide you anything you want to manage your hotel activities / process. We also provide custom made Restaurant Management Software to manage day to day tasks of a Restaurant and provide the required hardware including computer, bar code scanner, cash register , printer and anything else required to manage the restaurant or hotel.