School Management Software Goa

Looking to get a School Management Software from a company in Goa ? We are a Panaji based software company providing custom software solutions as per the requirements of organisations. Now you can get a software to manage school activities from a windows computer. Whether you are using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or even plan to use Windows 8, our custom build school management software will work fine on all versions of Windows and can be tailor made as per the procedures followed in your school or college. Contact us today by phone, email or visit our Panaji – Goa based office and let us transfer your school management activities to a central software.

The Custom build software to manage school activities can have separate parts or modules for office clerks, administrative staff and other people to manage appropriate school tasks. The software can have designated access to designated user accounts so that authorised person can view or update the authorised information. Let’s say an office clerk who accept school fees using cash or cheque can be provided access to manage student fees related activities only, teachers can be authorised to view their salary, leaves and other details, etc.

The custom made School Software can be built around the processes followed in the school so that whoever uses the software can easily migrate from paper and files based activities to a central computer based software system. With Local Area network in the school, the software can be operated from as many computers as required and with internet connectivity the school management software can be used from anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking to get a Management Software for School or College, we can get all the processes followed currently transferred to a software so that they can be managed easily and can save your staff required efforts.

We can provide you a single software containing every possible module for school or college management including Library Management, Attendance Management, Leaves Management for teachers and other administrative staff, financial departments for managing cash and bank related activities, Student Information module to lookup all the information about a given student using search facility, optionally hostel & transport management and anything else that your school follows. In many schools in Goa transport is managed by parents or private operators and hence such schools / colleges might not need transport or even hostel management modules in the software. The tailor made school software can have whatever you want in the software and exclude modules which you are managing using some other software such as Tally for Inventory Management, etc.

Integration of the School or College Management Software can be done with internet based databases so as to provide automated reports on school website or reports can be sent by email automatically. As internet reach is increasing day by day various cyber cafe provide cheap internet browsing, sharing examination dates, exam result dates, school holidays, information about upcoming events in school, accepting feedback on website and viewing it in the school or college software, etc can help parents to monitor children’s progress in the school and anything else for which the school sends out notices. We can bring you the power of latest technologies to your school or college so as to minimize repeated tasks, save time and money, etc.

Whether you College or School is in Panaji, Mapusa, Old Goa, Madgaon, Porvorim or any other place in Goa, we can provide you the best school management software as per you needs. We do understand that over the time staff changes and hence the software must be easy to use and should be really quick to learn. Yes we will do the required data entry into the school management software by reading records of students, teachers, and other administrative files whose processes are transferred to the school. Our Panaji – Goa based office will provide you the technical support, training, etc. We do test our software solutions with appropriate software testing so that you or your staff can enjoy the benefits of having the School Management Software working in perfect condition always. We can even provide your website the functionality of accepting Online Payments from parents and get it transferred to the student’s account, automated fee notices to parents by email or sms, automated school reports or any other process followed in the school that you would like to be automated.