Links on a Website

Links are HTML elements on a website which which when clicked navigates to some other website, other page of the website or to a bookmark on a website. From Search Engine Optimisation perspective links play an important role. Links are of many types on a website and are often associated with a title text. When mouse is hovered over a the browsers display the title text in a small window. Status bar of the browser also provides relative information about the link. Search Engines use links on a website to find other pages of a website and website developers create an xml sitemap for search engines to read and index various pages of a website.

From Search Engine point of view, links are of broadly two types. These Link types are dofollow and nofollow and are marked with rel tag associated with the link. Nofollow tags are an indication to the Search Engine that the link provided is a website or another page on the website which must not be followed by the search engine when reading the concerned website. nofollow links are normally used for advertisements of either text based advertisement, banner based advertisement , etc. On the other hand dofollow tag requests the search engine bot to actually follow and index the link to another website or a web page within the website on which the dofollow link was found.

Visitor to a website will not note the difference in dofollow and nofollow tag unless otherwise marked by the website. Most of the websites do mark the nofollow tags with appropriate instructions to the visitor of the website. For advertisements, a website marks the nofolow  links / bannersas advertisements so that visitor can understand that the website linked is not a part or friend of the website on which user is currently visiting. Google Advertisements also display in small words saying Ads by Google for text / banner advertisements.

Yes Links on a website are differentiated by Search Engine Robots which in turn affect website’s performance in search results. In case your website has too many links to other websites, it might be affecting your visibility in search results. Whether you are expecting visitors from google, yahoo, bing or any other search engine, links are one of the most important factors in getting you visitors from search engines. Contact us to get all the links on your website analysed and fixed so as to get more visitors to your website and improve your website’s ranking in search results. We offer Search Engine Optimisation services from Goa – India and can help you to get more visitors to your website with minimal of efforts.