Upload Video to Website

Video presentations / tutorials on a website display your products / services and really attract attention of visitors. Videos are important from search engine optimisation perspective as well. Google  Yahoo and Bing allows webmasters to submit video sitemaps to be indexed in search engine and display those videos in search engine results. Google Video Sitemap is different than a xml sitemap which is used to list all the pages of a website. The video sitemap can be submitted using google webmaster tools and yes it does attracts visitors.

We can help you to promote your videos on internet and submit the google video sitemap to google. Many website owners / designers upload videos to youtube or other video service and then they embeed those videos on their own website. Yes uploading videos to youtube attracts visitors, but where should a visitor to sent to ? Should the visitor be sent to youtube or to your own website ? In case videos are uploaded onto your own website and they appear in search results, it is more likely to attract more visitors than uploading videos on youtube.

Videos are not like flash which search engines cannot read. Search Engine bots can read every frame of a video and find out duplicates, copyright information and much more. A video with good content and audio can really send your website more number of visitors and effectively get more business to your business. Whether you are in India or in any other country of the world, we can help you to submit your videos directly to google and other search engines to improve search engine ranking for specified keywords from our Goa – Panaji office. Backlinks, better placement of links on your website, appropriate selection of title and description of every webpage, relative content, original videos with great content and audio can do magic for search engine optimisation.