Computer Controlled Switching System

Looking to control a switch with a windows or mac computer, we can provide you the best possible solution. Whether you wish to control one switch or multiple switches using your Windows or Mac Computer controlled with USB or RS 232 port. Depending on the number of switches you wish to control with your computer, we can provide you an electronic board with external power supply or without external power supply. In case you need a software electronic switch to control one or two switches, we can provide you an electronic board which gets it’s power from the USB port of the computer itself. A Computer Controlled Switching System powered by USB can does not requires an external power supply and can be easily controlled using a desktop shortcut or we can program it for you so that the computer controlled switch can be controlled with your existing software or with operating system itself.

We do provide other computer controlled switches and provide associated software applications for that. Our Computer Controlled System comes with hardware and software which works on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP. In case you do need a Switching System for Mac,  please do tell us in detail about your requirements and we can create a custom Mac software according to your requirement. We do custom software development and combined with our hardware services, we offer complete hardware and software solutions. Get in touch with us to get custom computer controlled switching system and start using it with a software made as per your requirements. Whether you need control the switching system with Desktop Shortcut, Shortcut Key Combination, Shortcut in Start Menu, using System Tray Icon or controlled with Startup or Shutdown of Windows computer or even controlled with a .bat file or something else, we can provide you complete system solution.