Sms Computer Control Software

Computer Control with SMS is easy to use and is reliable as well. Mobile Networks offer SMS Packs at really affordable rates as compared to Internet Connections. Mobile Networks even provide SMS Packs for prepaid or post paid mobile connections. With easy availability of GSM Modems, now you can control your Computer with simple SMS commands and get a confirmation of the remote computer control commands sent to your computers. SMS can be received by Mobiles, Tablets and GSM Modems providing you a vast range of solutions. Simple and complex SMS Control Solutions can be designed to handle easy and complex tasks.

SMS Computer Control Software

SMS Computer Control Software

Android Tablets and Mobiles are the easiest way to control any remote computer with SMS Commands. Power Consumption of Mobiles and Tablets is really low and they are portable as well providing you full control over your SMS controlled System. Whether you want to control your house equipment, factory machines or anything, as long as they are connected with a computer, they can be controlled remotely. GPS Tracker Systems for vehicles are one of the most popular system which utilize the SMS messages to communicate Vehicle Location, Cut Off & Resume Power & Oil supply of Vehicles, Sound Alarm , provide Geo fencing so that whenever vehicle moves out of designated area, an alarm is sounded and much more.

Controlling a computer and connected peripherals with SMS is more reliable and cheaper as compared to controlling computer and other components by internet. You can remotely shutdown a computer by SMS and get a confirmation whether your computer has initiated the shutdown or not. With USB Electronic Relays / Switches you can control devices connected to your computer remotely by simply sending sms commands. Almost all operating systems provide api and sdk’s to send and receive sms messages providing unlimited opportunities to control any Windows, Macintosh, Nokia or Android Systems.

SMS Computer Control Solution incorporates lots of technologies. Depending on the SMS Remote Control Solution required, a custom solution can work utilizing hardware and software technologies. Contact us today and get your computer controlled with SMS with best technologies available in the market. Our experienced software developers can suggest you best hardware and software required to implement custom sms controlled solution. Whether you need a custom SMS software to control your GPS Tracker by SMS, Remotely Shutdown Windows Computer with SMS commands, Turn Air Conditioned ON / Off by SMS, Turn On or Off Motor by SMS or anything else you think can be automated, we can provide you the best SMS Computer Control Software and automate repetitive tasks saving you time, efforts and money.