Hardware & Software Automation

Computer Controlled Hardware is now really accessible to everybody. Automation of Hardware with Software can together provide you accuracy and flexibility to control your hardware or electronic equipments with accuracy and in a timely manner. Whether you are looking for a Timer controlled Motor Switch, USB Controlled Power Switches controlled with Desktop Shortcuts or even single or multiple power control switches controllable using wireless or wired network connections, we have a solution for you.

We provide Hardware and Software Automation solutions from our Panaji based Office in Goa – India. We offer computer controlled boards connected to a Windows / Mac Computer using USB or Printer Port (RS 232). Whether you want control hardware power using a Windows or Mac Computer, we can provide you complete software and hardware solution at affordable prices. Ease of Access, Secured Access, Enhanced Security , Accuracy and many other factors can get your tasks fully automated.

We also provide Software Solutions using Custom Software Development and Website Services. Contact us today to get all your electronic, hardware or software automation solutions. Just write to us at support@goa-ad.com and we will get in touch with you along with a proposal and cost estimate. Whether the task you wish to get automated is small or is big employing complex hardware, manual and software interaction, we can provide you a complete automation system built up according to your needs. Home Automation, Industrial Automation are few of the areas in which our hardware and software automation solutions can be implemented.