Cyber Cafe Management Software Goa

How about a Custom made Cyber Cafe Software that can be used to manage users browsing internet in your cyber cafe. Every Cyber Cafe offers different schemes and different internet browsing charges. We can provide you a custom made software as per your requirements so that you can easily manage your cyber cafe business. Our Panaji – Goa based office can provide you the required process automation so that the software is easy to use, easy to install and easy to be managed by actual users. An updated Cyber Law requires every cyber cafe to store details of users browsing in an internet cafe. The new Indian Law also requires to capture Photograph or store some sort of identification of every user. Our custom software services can provide you the required features in the cyber cafe software.

Whether you want your users to signup for predefined packages, print out reports, run a prepaid time limit for cyber cafe users or any other process you want to be implemented for your cyber cafe, we can create the required cyber cafe software for you from our Goa based office. In case you plan to install the software in your hotel or restaurant, you can also avail our Restaurant Software development and Hotel Software development services as well. Getting a custom made software can be really helpful in many ways. For a start your software users need to only learn as required and decided by you, you get the required technical service from our Panaji – Goa based office and ofcourse the software can be designed to work exactly as you want it to work.